Take Old 40 Instead of I-80old 40 logo

Think back to Grandma and Grandpa.

Think back to the old days when cars had lots of chrome and huge tail fins.
Water bags hung from their fronts for the radiators.
Burns and Allen or Jack Benny and Rochester were on the radio.

There were Burma Shave signs along the roads and lots of billboards.
There was plenty of time to read them too because traffic went more slowly.
There were roadhouses and fruit markets and meat markets.
There were even service stations with real service and air!

Take an old time Sunday drive at slow speed along Old Highway 40 from Rocklin to Truckee. And be sure to take Grandma and Grandpa!

The route has been set up in "legs" so that you can do any parts you want without having to do the whole. Each "leg" begins and ends at an easy to find location and each could make an interesting trip.

That's the introduction to our Historic Highway 40 brochure. We'd include the PDF here but it's 25 by 14 inches, making it hard to print. So, stop by the Donner Summit Historical Society in Soda Springs to get your very own guide to a fun adventure. The pictures below are just some of what you will see and what are in the brochure.

This link will take you to a PDF of the route text without map and pictures but you can print it out.

Pictured here top left to right: Loomis City Hall, Auburn Courthouse (museum inside), cigar store indian Colfax, Historic Old 40 sign (you will see them along the way), miner statue Colfax, Historic 40/Lincoln Highway signs, Church Gold Run, China Wall Donner Summit, Tunnel 6(longest of the transcontinental Sierra tunnels) Donner Summit, Schuyler Colfax (former U.S. VP) Colfax, Summit Meadow on Donner Summit. Below, the Old Forest Gift Shop, Cisco Grove (it wouldnt' fit in the collage.

forest gift shop